CitySpace Homes


Main Street Homes

Maywood avenue runs through the center of Caraleigh Village and serves as the main street of the the community.  In keeping with this, the houses along Maywood will have an old fashioned main street appearance.   They will be predominately Italianate in style with large windows and rooftop decks.

Shop Homes

Although all the buildings in the neighborhood will be residential, a few will be made to look like old shops that have been converted to homes.

Caraleigh commons

Folk Vernacular Homes

In the interior of the neighborhood the style of homes will primarily be what is know as post-railroad-folk-vernacular.   This is a style of house that is commonly found in neighborhoods dating from the 1920's.   It features simple shapes and roof lines, without square cut trim and little ornamentation.

Neighborhood Scale Apartments

The outside corners of the neighborhood will have two small apartment buildings, constructed in the same style and similar massing as the other residences.  This is just as is found in many of the historic neighborhoods in Raleigh.

To view pictures and virtual tours of completed homes, click here.