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Phase 2 is not currently available

6. architecture & Engineering

Once the architecture is completed and engineering is started a final $5000 payment will be due and the whole $10, 000 deposit becomes non-refundable. Typically, no further funds will be required from you, and your deposit is credited to your purchase price at closing.

4. custom home design

Once the reservation is signed we can work together to create a custom home plan to you specifications. Buyers can customize any of the already developed plans, or we can do a completely new house from scratch.

3. sign reservation

The reservation agreement is a non-binding agreement that establishes the priority of the buyers. The reservation fee is fully refundable, so you can change your mind at any time and get the money back. If you are interested in reserving a lot, please contact us and we will meet with you to go over the process in more detail.

1. Choose house width

Our houses are organized by widths. All the houses can be fully customized to fit your needs. Each width can accommodate up to 4 bedrooms, but the wider houses have more generous spaces.


House WidthLot Width
SqFt Range
Starting Price*

5. formal sales contract

Once we have completed the initial design and pricing the formal contract will be signe. An additional deposit of $4000 is due at the contract signing, bringing the total deposit to $5000. At the time the contract signed, the $5000 will become non-refundable.

We are now accepting reservations!  The reservation process is simple.  The reservation deposit is affordable ‚Äčand fully refundable up until the day the contract is signed.  Realtors are always welcome, but our pricing system is simple and transparent making the process easy for anyone to handle.

2. Choose your lot

‚ÄčEach lot has a premium associated with it based on it size, location and other attributes. The lot spreadsheet shows the available lots and the premiums for each lot (The base price for the house is established by adding the house price to the lot premium). Note that the plan is still being developed and approved, so the lots and pricing may change.  In this case, you will have the opportunity to change your lot selection based on your reservation priority.   
House & Lot sizes